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You are your child's greatest Educator

Dear Parents,

You are enough,

You are more than capable of giving your child the best education they could ever receive. I see you. I see you worried about how you will teach them all they need to know. I see your concern over your own perceived failures and whether you will pass them down to your children. I see you agonizing over what path to take when it comes to home-education. I see the tears you shed when your child does not seem to be ‘measuring up’ to the idealistic achievement governed by educational authorities.

Parents I want to encourage you…

You are your child’s greatest educator, always have been, always will be. No teacher, no matter how trained, knows your child or loves your child to the extent that you do. You alone are the one who knows their innermost dreams, fears, likes and dislikes. You have already shown your child and the world that you care deeply about their education and futures by choosing to do what you know and feel to be in their best interest. Do not ever think that you do not have what it takes. You do not have to know everything to help your child learn, you learn along side them. Telling your children that you do not know something, then helping them learn about it, whilst learning along side them, teaches them that you are never too old to learn new things. You are showing them that no one knows everything, no matter how old. When you make a mistake and admit it to them, you are teaching them that everyone makes mistakes and that, that is ok because you then learn how to do it right.

Your child was gifted to you, not to anyone else, because you alone are who your child needs to grow and become who they were created to be. God designed you in a beautiful, unique, and special way. A way like no one else. All your skills are exactly what your child is going to need to allow them to become who God created them to be. You do not have to know everything; you do not have to have it all figured out. God will equip you to either do it or find the resources to help you.

You are more than capable,

you are more than able, and you know more than enough. Do not ever doubt your ability to provide your children with an education. You have done that since the day they were

born, you have nurtured them, loved them, held them, encouraged them, edified them and cared for them. Everything you are already doing, is exactly what they need.

God believes in you and so do I.

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