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The Full Story


Wonder-Filled Education was created through a dream to see a change in how children are educated. It is our firm belief that educating our children is a gift from God and that education is discipleship. Psalm 22:6 says to "train up a child in the way he should go, and he will not depart from it". Our curriculums are designed to allow families to all come together to discover creation, whilst learning from God's word and each other. When we teach children to wonder at creation, see the beauty in it and see just how much God loves us through what he has created, we instil a lasting reverence and love for God, because children will always see God's hand in everything that he created, from the tiny ant to mighty oceans. 


 God designed us to have a natural fascination and engagement with our world. God designed creation so that everything we see, speaks of his innate love for us. Our mission, is to foster this curiosity through project-based, cohesive curriculums that have God's truth integrated throughout, and encourage children to see how all of creation displays God's love and infinite wisdom and creativity. 


Our Vision is to see a generation of Kingdom Building, Warrior children, who have a firm faith in God and know who they are in Christ and what they were created for. Our Vision is to see a generation of families rise up and and be the light our world needs. To have hearts for saving people and to see God in all of creation. 

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