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Mini Units and Samples

We have a range of free mini units and samples of our larger units that we add to continually. Find below our current free samples and mini units. Mini units take a week to complete. To download, simply click on the icon under the images. 

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Affirmations for Mothers

Volcanoes Mini Unit

Buzzing Bees Mini Unit

A set of beautiful affirmations and encouraging cards for mothers. 

A free, complete, 2 week, 30 page mini unit on volcanoes.  Students will learn about volcanoes, what causes a volcano, where do they occur, tectonic plates, engage in STEAM activities, bible work and more. 

A free, complete, two week, 40 page mini unit on bees. Students will learn about bee habitats, types of bees, bee anatomy, honey, pollination, create artworks, engage in thought provoking STEAM activities, bible work and more. 

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