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There is beauty in the Simple.

There is beauty in the simple.

Often we try to fit so much in, we have all these goals for the day and prioritise what we think is most important. We rush through that which we feel is mundane to get to the important. How often do we rush and miss the beauty in that which we deem mundane.

Home learning is a beautiful journey and a huge blessing we are bestowed with to set our own pace for life. We are free from the morning rush, mountains of after school homework and set time schedules dictated by others. We have this beautiful opportunity to slow down, to breathe in the simple and love the 'mundane'.

God did not create life to be rushed, he did not plant so much beauty in the world for us to run buy and miss, he created a simplistic but divine beauty for us to embrace and wonder about. A beauty to envelope our days and spark wonder, curiosity and joy.

How often do we rush through our mornings instead of embracing it. Breakfast does not have to be mundane it can be a beautiful time of love and beauty and aroma. Morning tidy up does not have to be a chore, it can be a time of simple beauty, of working together or seeing the beauty around.

Today I invite you to make a choice, a choice to make your mornings beautiful. Take the time to listen to some beautiful music as you eat breakfast, light a candle and eat by candlelight, instead of eating cereal, have something a little bit beautiful, toast can be amazing when you add some fruit for colour. Listen to some poetry whilst you eat, relish in the morning air by eating outside, listen to the birds or rain. Whatever your morning may look like find a way to make it a beautiful experience that sets the tone for your day. Rather then rushing through morning chores, do it together, listen to some soft music, see how beautiful you can make your home, laugh together as you clean.

This is not always easy, I know, it is a challenge I have also set myself to bring more joy and beauty to our home. Our world seems to have forgotten what it means to love the simple. We are in a society governed by being first, first to get to work, first to read, first to count, first to rush, rush, rush. We also seem to be first to be stressed and worried.

As you plan your day, do not worry about how much book work your child gets done, education is not a race, whether your child reads at 4 or reads at 10, they will still accomplish amazing things. When they are 21 it is not going to matter when they learnt to read, or when they learnt their times tables. What is going to matter is how well they learnt to slow down and see the beauty, how well they learnt to appreciate the small things and the memories they make along the way. Curriculum does not have to be hard and complicated and take up lots of time. It can be simple, short and beautiful. Why over complicate something that is designed to enhance your experience, not take from it.

God made life to be beautiful. We see that evidence in every sunset, every flower and bird song. We see it in the fluffy clouds, simple joy-filled laugh of a child and in cute little baby animals. Beauty is everywhere. Why would a God of such beauty want us to live our lives stressed and rushed.

Slow down and make your goal for home education, not to be the first to read and write, but to be the first to see beauty, the first to learn to slow down and love the simple and to have a lifetime of beautiful memories.

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